The diffusion vacuum pumps of the DIVAC series is delivered in sized 400 to 30,000 l/s . The high speed of vacuum, permanent performing capability and noiselessness of these pumps can be considered as their specifications. These pumps are merely used to procure high vacuum and cannot start by only relying on atmospheric pressure and hence they join the circuit by mechanical vacuum pumps after the system pressure reaches a specific level.

Meantime, the diffusion vacuum pumps need a backing pump for becoming active.

Different kinds of single stage rotary vane vacuum pumps (RVVAC S), double stage rotary vane vacuum pumps (RVVAC D), and rotary piston vacuum pumps (RPVAC D) can be used as backing pump for diffusion pumps in vacuum circuit alone or as package with roots vacuum pumps (ROVAC).

The DIVAC series pumps have applications in laboratory, research, industry, metallurgy, mechanics, electronics, aerospace and different vacuum coating systems, vacuum furnaces, …

The design of DIVAC pumps is in such a way that gaining access to its components from outside is easy. The level and condition of oil is possible to be measured and controlled by using a gauge installed (in sizes of 3,000) upwards and oil drain has also been installed in the lower part of the reservoir to facilitate discharging of oil.